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Member Name : Molly

Status: Single
169 cm.
Hair Color:
Long with Tendrils
Type of relations:
Relationship/Dating, Friendship, Casual Chat, Friendship, south hamiltionlakes

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Member Name : Gwendolen

Status: Never Married
176 cm.
Hair Color:
Type of relations:
Relationship/Dating, Phone Sex, Webcam Sex, Adult Dating, I'm Very Pretty Just Read Me!!!

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Member Name : Rosalind

Status: Single
164 cm.
Hair Color:
Type of relations:
Live, Love, Life, Casual Chat, I'll make your dreams come true

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Member Name : Julianna

Status: Single
170 cm.
Hair Color:
Long Natural
Type of relations:
Long term or marriage, Relationship/Dating, why is this so difficult!?

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Member Name : Jeanne

Status: Never Married
182 cm.
Hair Color:
blond copper
Type of relations:
Sex Chat/Cybersex, Casual Chat, Webcam Sex, Casual Chat, Bringing something with it

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Member Name : Mildred

Status: Never Married
179 cm.
Hair Color:
Not important
Type of relations:
Sex Chat/Cybersex, Casual Chat, Adult Dating, Friendship, artsy 40 something here

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Member Name : Maryann

Status: Single
168 cm.
Hair Color:
Type of relations:
Friendship, Casual Chat, Webcam Sex, Sex Chat/Cybersex, confident, family-oriented female on the lookout for family-oriented man

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what are the chances? Hi, what are the chances i would find a woman on here who is real? I read the ads from others and feel my luck will be slim and none. I am 49 dont do clubs since the ppl there are old enough to be 1o of my I work 40 hrs a week and the rest of the time is my own. I have ideas as to what to do,where to go or just hang out near the water.BUT horney single women in Canton City, Ashburton UK , Merrillan WI, Gilbert AZ, West lothian, Luzern ,its more fun to do it with another person.I havent been in a steady relationship for yrs and feel now its time to find my other half. since CL is a place where alot of ppl place alot of crap just to get your attention Im leaving the details out until someone REAL responds and go from there.

Looking for a fun loving woman to show me around when I visit Hi, I will be visiting Boulder on August 19th and 20th and am hoping to find a fun loving woman that would be open to showing me around the town and joining me for some nightlife fun. I'm 45, fit, white, attached, open minded, couples looking for couples Amersfoort ms and fun loving. Hope one of you fun loving Boulder women read this and want to show me the sights.

Inside of your panties,giving oral,or get the f*** out my face Hi!! I`m The Model Larry King, leader of the new generation(Straight and Gay)and of an bad- boy that love women that DON`T MIND giving up to a man like me(smile).

So I says to myself. . . self. . . Guys are straight forward. . . most guys, it's just women don't want the truth, they want what they BELIEVE the truth should be. Relationships are a simple equation. Women give sex for love and men give love for sex. It's that simple. It becomes complex when no one wants to tip their hand first. Most women don't want a one night stand, horney single women in Canton City, Sea Ranch Lakes, Rotterdam, Edgerton OH, Hodges, Whiskey Creek FL so they won't give you sex until they know you love them, or at least like them a lot, and men, well, we don't want to invest tons of time and effort into a practice of futility. Spending the time, taking you out. . . dating, horny seniors Dahanabad to have you only say, "Gee, I don't really like you that way, but you're a great pal." Yeah, tell that to my dick, lady. I hate to be crude, but you get the idea. There are nice, and honest guys out there. I'm one of them, I know. However, I'm a bigger guy, therefore, Aberdeen free sex chat room I'm a nice guy that no one wants to get to know. I'm also human, so I don't want to date a girl I'm not attracted, Wheatland girls up for sex too. Fortunately, I'm attracted to women mostly for their personality, casual sex Sarnia, Ontario and as far as physiy goes, I just want a girl that has curves in the right spots. She can be thick. . . chunky. . . fat. . . whatever, Shreveport Louisiana bitch fuck as long as her curves are in the right spot. Meaning if your belly is out further that your boobs, chances are the physical attraction might be missing, want to have sex tonight Prevelly but you never know. I'm not shallow, woman looking for sex Naperville though, but I find most people out here are. The women say they really want a nice guy, but what they really mean is, they really want a nice guy that looks great and makes a lot of money. Personally. . . I want a nice girl, that works. . . I mean has a JOB does SOMETHING to contribute. . . I don't care what, just something. I really don't feel like supporting someone. I want a girl that likes sex, a lot. . . not a girl that THINKS she likes sex a lot, but actually likes sex a lot. If you've ever said, "Not tonight. . . (insert lame reason here)," then you're not that girl. I don't cheat. . . I've never cheated. . . I don't want to start cheating, Braceville Illinois adult sex ads so the girl I'm involved with should be able to keep up. There is more to a relationship to sex, yes, but if your partner can't be your playmate, sex girls in Fort Lauderdale then who the hell can? I want a girl that doesn't turn everything into drama. If you mom dies, fall apart, I'll hold you. If you get fired from a job you love, fall apart. . . I'll be there. If you have a horrible day, tell me about it. . . I'll listen. If these things happen every single day. . . it's not bad luck. . . it's you. I want a girl that knows how a works. If you can't make it. . . me. If I you, me back. That simple. I want a girl that likes to laugh as much as I do. Life is short, fill it with laughter. . . good memories are all you have at the end of it all. I want a girl that knows how to communicate about everything. If you don't like something about me. . . tell me. . . if it's not unreasonable, I'll try to meet you half way on something. If something's not doing it for you in the bedroom, or you like it better a different way, tell me. . . I'm all for compromise. I can't fix a problem I don't know about, and yes, guys really are that oblivious. If you say there is nothing wrong, we think there is nothing wrong. Even if we know there is something wrong, and you refuse to tell us what it is, we aren't going to try to fix it, because we DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! It's not that we're stupid, it's that we're simple. If you aren't willing to tell us, no matter what we do, we know it will be wrong, SO JUST FRIKKEN TELL US!!!! Really. . . that's all I want. It's a long list, yes, but is it REALLY that complex? Now that I'm done ranting. . . here's some info about me. - I'm a big kid. . . I love going to the movies. . . I like mini-golf. . . I like playing video games. - I'm not obsessed with video games, though, it just something to pass the time when there's nothing else on tap. Also I've recently discovered Disneyland. Seriously, I've been in California for 8 years and I went for the first time this year and loved it, so it'd be cool if you have a pass or at least want a pass, because if we become and ongoing thing. . . you're so getting a pass! - In fact, I'm not obsessed with much, outside of boobs. (Yes if a girl with huge boobs walks by I'll look, but don't worry. . . I'm with you. . . I know this. . . and as long as the sex is plentiful in our relationship, I'm totally content and going nowhere.) - I ride a motorcycle, and I'm actually quite an accomplished and safe rider. - I'm tall. . . how tall? Over 6 ft. - I used to box, and still dabble in it, so yeah, if I have to, I can "defend your honor" and the like. - I'm a great cook. - I am starting to try my hand at stand up comedy, and doing alright at it. - I don't live with Mom or Dad, in fact they're on the other coast, for that matter. - Yes, I have a job, no, I will not pay your bills. I'll pay mine, though, and I have no problem taking you out. - I play the Harmonica. . . how many people do you know that play the harmonica? - I grew up in a small farming and cattle ranching town, and yes I know how to rope. - I have blue eyes, very, very, very, pale blue eyes. - I'm caucasian, not that it matters to me. I believe in only one race. . . human. (That doesn't mean I believe everyone I meet is a part of it, though.) - I really am a nice guy, and I'm extremely honest. My father and I, don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but the one thing he taught me that I will go to my grave believing, whether it's true or not, is that a man is only worth as much as his word. Rich. . . poor. . . strong or weak. . . if you can't trust his word, he's worthless. You can have screwed up credit. . . be dirt poor. . . if you're peers and loved ones know they can count on you, then you can hold you head high. I realize this is probably a fantasy, but it's still worth believing in. - I honestly believe that majority of people you meet WANT to be good people, and will if you give them the opportunity. (That's probably crap, too, but I don't want to live in a world, that I can't at least try to believe that in.) Reasons to mail me: You read my ad and found yourself laughing or agreeing with me. You get my sense of humor. You realize you are NO LONGER IN HIGHSCHOOL! Understand what being flakey is and don't be it. (I'm shocked at how it seems to be some running theme here on the west coast that it's okay to be flakey.) Reasons to not mail me: You're shallow. You've ever said, "gee that's a great guy, but for some reason I don't feel that spark.." Listen up, Sport. We've split the atom and put men on the moon. You mean to tell me, you're willing to pick your mate soley on the chemical response you have to their pheromones??? REALLY?!? You have "rules" about dating. You've never met me. . . I'm not saying I expect you to sleep with me the second you meet me, but, I dunno. . . how about you actually MEET me before you decide what you think about me?!? I don't care what other guy's have done. I'm not them. I also don't want to hear, "This isn't about you, it's about me." No, you're meeting me. . . so it's about me too. Yeah, I have pics, myspace, and all that jazz. PS. I could care less if you have baggage as long as you can handle it yourself. If you can never find the time to date, guess what? Don't date! By the way if your e-mail is "Sexynymphochick at insert free mail service here" chances are I'm going to assume you're spam. There's lots of spam on this site, so if you're real and I don't get back to you, I might have mistaken you for spam. Try me again.

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